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What is FoodXain?

FoodXain is the solution to validate and guarantee product certifications, traceability as well as any document that displays its quality and characteristics. For the producer or manufacturer, it is a simple way to perforeliably and immutable using blockchain technology. The user can easily  visualize it and be, much better, informed of the qualities of the product.

FoodXain is a way to give transparency and honesty to the product. These values ​​reinforce the product, the brand and its prestige in the market place. FoodXain is also a window to communicate and present the company, the product and its history, an opportunity  to promote and capture customer loyalty and can generate programs to engage social media networks and its followers.

How does it work?

FoodXain allows you to upload in a simple way and show all the certificates and documents you want to guarantee. In addition to, the certifying entities, if you wish, may check, verify and endorse them.


With all this, the system will store all information securely and immutably using blockchain technology. The system will generate a QR code so that you can publish it on your label, you can attach to it in your export information etc. In this way the final customer through a simple App, QR reader, can view all the product information.

What do we do?

We bring you blockchain technology so you can validate your certificates of designation of origin, PGI, ecological, traceability, cold chain, fair trade and all documents that can create value for your product.


You will also have access to your private section where you can present your company and product to the consumer. From FoodXain we will support you in your loyalty campaigns and social networks to better reach your customers.

We speak?

Write us, we will contact you to know your product, your company and need to advise you the best solution.



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