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Miso means "the source of flavor" and is much more than a soup. It is a very tasty and healthy fermenting seasoning that is used to flavor a myriad of sauces and soups. Miso is made by fermenting koji with legumes, cereals and salt, so when it is unpasteurized it helps digestion and is a great probiotic, mainly from Lactobacillus.

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Kensho misos are sold in two formats. 380 gr pot. and pot of 5 kg, They are also: Ecological: made with ecological rice from the Ebro Delta (koji) and Pedrosillano chickpeas Unpasteurized: This means that they are natural probiotics, giving us much more umami and, above all, greater health benefits. Artisan: Made in a traditional way. We run short runs, to ensure it's a fresh and flavorful miso. That's why we make the koji ourselves.

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